Little Peanut

My baby is six months old! I can't believe how fast she is learning things all of a sudden, it is truly amazing to watch her grow. She seems to pick up new habits and leave old ones by the wayside constantly.

This week her idea of fun is screaming, army crawling and my favorite, scratching her head! It's really cute but I find myself with baby nail clippers in hand when I have a free minute to make sure she doesn't scratch too hard. Unfortunately, the scratching started out of necessity. Last week Katie and Owen and Daphne and I packed into the car and went to visit Aunt Kate, Maddie and Wyatt. The mommies got talking about baby foods and what they've tried. Katie said that our mutual pediatrician said it was ok to give Owen some peanut butter and I guess I got overly excited at Daphne's mealtime that night. I gave her the tiniest bit to taste off my fingertip. We're talking less than the size of a pea. She liked it, but less than an hour later she was breaking out in hives :( I felt like the worst mom! We watched her for a bit and when she was acting fussy even during her beloved bath, I called the doctor's answering service and left a panicky message about how I had stupidly given her a taste. A very nice doctor called back and the first thing she did was reassure me that I had done nothing wrong and that she actually directs her parents to give babies peanut butter at six months. Huge relief that my child would not be taken from a neglectful mother! She told us to take her picture so our doctor could see the hives at her next appointment and to go from there. Daphne just fell asleep for the night, but she was itching the hivey mess on her little scalp all through story time. And I guess it was just that much fun because she is still reaching up there, always exploring.

Not allergic to sweet potatoes!

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