Up and Down!

I'd love to feel this free!
What a crazy couple of weeks it has been. Brett was out of town so it was just the girls and we loved it. Some neighbors knocked on my door to get signatures for a speed bump petition and we became instant mommy friends. We bought a house! Just like that! Daphne was diagnosed with a peanut allergy and we are now the proud owners of an $250 Epipen Jr. 2 pack (Ouch. Brett was all, you spend $300 at Target!!! Yes, dear, on something we will hopefully never ever use). We hired, lost and/or fired 5 nannies—hoping the latest is a perfect fit. I worked, Brett worked. I barricaded the basement door one night because I was convinced someone was stealing baby clothes. We haven't yet solved the Case of the Missing Dresses, but I'm still hopeful they'll turn up.

Right now, Brett and Uncle Nick have left to visit Washington for the day, Daphne is napping and I am  taking a moment to reflect. Life is so good. It is undoubtedly and defiantly different than it was last year at this time, but so so good.

I love that I have learned to let go of things I used to think mattered most. Yes, I want a finished and perfectly styled home, but I am perfectly content now to wait and dream about it and live in the moment with what we have. I feel incredibly blessed and lucky to have found what is really a dream home for us, I want Daphne to have all the stability and comfort that I'm sure will come from living in one home from 8 months old until she flies off. If it has some "vintage" bathrooms for a few years, so be it. I'll never worry about messing up marble countertops or staining the grout. And I bet learning to bake cookies will be just as much fun in our careworn kitchen as a shiny new one.

I'm also content to do more with less in my closet! I would love to whittle it down to 30 pieces or so and just keep what works for me. Since we're so fortunate to work from home, I can probably part with a good 40% of my clothes immediately! Katie already got a good chunk of some adorable work tops, I'm happy to see them being worn. It's funny—I used to love to shop, easily dropping $600 a month on clothes and shoes. Now I'd rather do almost anything else. I really want to teach Daphne to buy quality pieces that will last, like the dresses that are missing! They were heirloom quality. Ah well, just let it go.

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