Six month snaps

Time is truly flying! I remember back when I half wanted Daphne to hurry up and get a little bigger, hoping she'd outgrow some of her challenges. Even then, though, I relished her tinyness (is that a word?) and knew she'd grow too fast! And it's true! I can't believe how big she is getting, both body and her sweet little soul. She is more animated every day and we are both astonished with her progress. It seems she makes giant strides instead of baby steps when it comes to learning. What I mean is, she'll master one thing, and then kind of get stuck there and then all of a sudden master the next step. Food, for example. She adapted to eating fairly well, in terms of liking food and not making horrible faces or flat out rejecting flavors. But she was horribly messy and didn't really seem to get much down. (Although she obviously swallowed at least a few grains of quinoa since I saw it, ahem, on the other side.) We thought it was cute and funny at first but lately had been getting more frustrated with her. Now, all of a sudden, she's letting me feed no problem. We're up to 2 feedings most days plus her bottles and I hope to start throwing lunch into the mix.

Her crawling is evolving, too, but it is always different. A lot of times she takes a few good crawl strides and then sticks a leg out, we call it her kick stand. Or she'll go into a downward dog pose like she's trying to stand. Whatever! It's all cute to me.

She is certainly a happy little thing, babbling and smiling and very reactive to people.

Here are the photos we are calling 6 months, but really they are like 6 months, 3 weeks and 2 days… We get a bit behind but I swear we are going to stick it out for all 12 months!

These shoots are getting trickier!

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