My First Mother's Day

Mother's Day was last weekend and I was amazed at how much emotion I already felt and I'm barely a mother yet. 

favorite Mother's Day card from mama-to-be Katie
It is not really the Hallmark holiday I thought it was at all, but I guess that is something you don't realize until you experience it personally. Just a sweet day of reflection on the baby, how blessed and lucky I am to have a healthy pregnancy and to be married to the wonderful man who is making me a mother! It was kind of perfect timing as I am finally starting to feel some consistent movement from the baby. It's still so surreal to think that it is actually me celebrating a holiday for mothers, that I'm the noticeably pregnant woman in the room and of course that we are about three months from meeting the baby. 

This first post would not be complete without a Gertie story and she inserted herself into our first Mother's Day memories in an eventful way. Let's just say we cut our Mad Men screening short to tend to a less pleasant, much smellier element of dog ownership. Luckily it left us laughing (and gagging) and feeling like any baby diaper would be a breeze in comparison. 

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