Baby Smith goes to scott's

Brett and I love antiquing. It's really one of our favorite ways to spend a Saturday or even better, pick up a souvenir when we travel. Our condo is filled to capacity with our finds, so much so that I'm having a little trouble defining my decorating style lately! Time to start editing the collection. Anyway, when I was about 16 weeks pregnant, we realized that we'd only have a couple chances to get to Scott Antique Market between then and August. Seems crazy, but since it only comes to Atlanta once a month + Brett's insane travel schedule...

Daddy-to-be practicing his diapering skillz
We set out to find a dresser for the baby and maybe a couple of d├ęcor items. The dresser was fairly easy, we found a piece that fit my criteria: right size and height for a changing station, in good shape, not too pricey, and something classic we'd always like and could fit into other rooms of a future house without obviously being a baby piece. Aside from that, it was tough! Without knowing the baby's gender yet, we couldn't commit to much, and I'm still thinking about the French school chart we passed up. Zut! Still so much fun and Brett was a great sport when it dawned on us that we should have driven the truck (duh) and he had to drive home and back with Gertie in tow to accompany us and the new dresser home.

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