Gertie + Owen

Baby Owen visited last weekend with his mom and dad for my baby shower. I was surprised how natural it felt to have a tiny baby at our place, but he seemed right at home. And we got to test out all our shiny new baby items! Crib and bassinet have been broken in and the carseat got quite the workout, too. Brett got some extensive hand's on experience with diapering and dressing so we're feeling downright overprepared for our own baby. Um, not really but it definitely helped! 

Gertie ignored the baby at first, but after a day or so she warmed up and wanted to be right there with a sniff and a doggie kiss on the face (oops!). Here is a sweet pic of her on the bed with Owen and Grammie.

I'm ok with this. As long as I still get to be up here.

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