We've been so blessed by our friends and family to have many celebrations for baby Smith!
I generally don't relish being the center of attention, but it's easy to feel more at ease when everyone is there because they love you and can't wait to meet your baby.

The first shower was a book party thrown by my book club. A total surprise complete with desserts, Pellegrino lemonade and lots of laughs as usual. I've only known these ladies a few months but they already feel like old friends. The baby acquired some great titles, from classics to local authors.

Party for my baby chick at the Coop!

My awesome coworkers very sweetly wanted to throw another shower, even though they could have easily just come to the friends and family party. I said ok, but that they were not to go to any trouble and keep it simple! They totally ignored me. My mom and I were blown away when we walked in to the totally transformed work space! My good friend Staci threw the shower and obviously had my wedding d├ęcor in mind. Lots of rustic and orange accents. Very beautiful and lots of yummy food.

More details and photos to come!

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