Daphne is one week old!

Happy one week birthday to my new little lovebug, Daphne. It has been an amazing week of first cuddles, tears (hers and mine), challenges and joys. This time last week we were settled into our hospital room, enjoying finally being a family, after about 38 hours of induction, waiting, labor and finally birth. Absolutely nothing went as I had planned, but we were overall very happy with the whole experience and ended up with a gorgeous, healthy child.

My feet have returned to their pre-pregnancy state — I once again have veins, bones, wrinkles and individual toes and I can actually reach them comfortably. And I have lost 30 pounds! Still a way to go before next swimsuit season, but that's a perk of having a baby at the tail end of summer. I have a fun new game that involves guessing how much breast milk I've expressed. It can really buoy the spirits when I stagger out to pump at 2 in the morning (and 4 in the morning).

Brett is the cutest dad, it really does melt me to see them together. I have some awesome pics for another post, but for now, here is Miss Smith on her 1 week birthday.

Welcome, baby girl. We love you so much already.

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