Two weeks old

We've made it through two weeks! It hasn't been totally smooth sailing, but we're all alive, clean, fed and clothed, to varying degrees. Yes, I'm alive and I did shower today but I've eaten exactly one stale cookie and a few bites of broccoli and I've been wearing the same leggings, nursing top and purple sweatshirt since last Friday. Daphne is napping in the bathroom where it is dark and the humming fan has no time limit, unlike the sleep sheep. I have heard that other mothers do this, so I don't feel too bad about exiling her to sleep next to the toilet.

I've decided that newborns are like little rockstars. They come with long, detailed riders, demand attention with their piercing vocals and seem to trash their room faster than the maid can clean up. Oh, and they're up all night and have crazy hair.

Here is our little diva at two weeks.

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