three weeks old

Miss Daphne is three weeks old... People always say the time with a baby flies by but I don't really feel like that is the case. Not in a bad way, I think it's just that I have never been home and not working in my adult life so I am trying to make the most of every minute. Also, for some reason, we are not overly tired! Not sure how that is possible, but I'm sure time would feel like more of a blur if we were barely awake.

She is such a sweetie! I'm loving cuddly naps, her little faces and watching her face evolve day to day... The last couple of days we've been watching her eyelashes get longer and longer, so cute!

I've started trying to get out of the house everyday. So far Daph and I have been to book club, the doctor, grocery shopping, walks and daddy's office. I get more confident every time we go out. So fun to have a little companion :)

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