I want to post about our restful baby moon before too much time went by and all pre-baby memories are too dimly lit... We spent a wonderful three day weekend at Serenbe, ate what we wanted, slept as much as we liked, shopped, lounged and waited for baby. Brett was in dire need of a haircut, you can see both before and after in the pics. I was 38 weeks pregnant, so of course we were quite the spectacle, lumbering back and forth from our urbane apartment in the town to the farmhouse compound, all in 90° Georgia heat.  It's funny how I feel now when I see very pregnant women or couples. I kind of feel sorry for them! I know that sounds absolutely terrible, but really, if it's your first baby, you have no clue what's about to go down. At this point, we were still blissfully ignorant of how tough having a new baby would be. We just thought, we're having a baby! She's going to be so cute. She might cry a little bit sometimes. She's going to be so cute!!!

Anyway, it was a wonderful time to just be a couple and unplug from work. We had so many moments on that trip that reminded us how in tune to each other we are, from leaving an outdoor amateur production of Hair at intermission with barely a word to each other, to our appetizer order at dinner on Saturday night. I don't know how people make it through parenthood without a solid relationship as a base. That has helped us stay sane these past 11 weeks. And now it's getting fun!

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