Two Months!

Daphne is two months old! I always seem to be late with these posts, but the photo was taken on her two month birthday. She is becoming so much more animated and smiley and much easier to predict and plan around. It's finally starting to feel like we all belong together. I can't get enough of her tasty little cheeks and soft, warm neck. She's becoming more of a snuggler and likes to fall asleep on my shoulder, so sweet.

We've been getting so many comments from family and strangers on her cute little face! Yesterday at the store a lady remarked that she looks like a china doll and a friend said that she has a very distinctive face, I agree! After receiving her birth announcement, that features her silhouette, another friend said she looks like a baby Alfred Hitchcock! Ha! Loved that. Almost everyone says she looks like Brett, that's fine by me :)


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