Baby's first...


I had high hopes for Halloween. By high hopes, I mean snapping a family photo at the pumpkin patch, carving jack-o-lanterns on the porch on a sunny weekend afternoon and fashioning a clever, heirloom quality costume for Daph. In reality, I achieved low hopes. We didn't even make it over to Whole Foods to plop the baby in front of the parking lot pumpkins for a phone pic, let alone carve pumpkins. But I was determined to get her in some sort of costume. Fast forward to Halloween morning and I'm cruising Pinterest for an idea. Nothing. As the hour to depart for our Halloween party fast approaches, I'm racking my brain, waiting for a genius idea for a costume made of a simple white onsie. Tada! An egg! Yellow paint, a yellow bow and a roly poly baby make for one sunny side up costume. I was tempted to make scrambled and fried shirts for Brett and me, but let's not push it.

Check out these blue eyes! She's becoming such a smiley little thing.

Cutest little egg ever!
Daddy and Momma are scrambled and fried!
Pretty good for last minute. Maybe even heirloom quality.

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