Three months

Well, the fourth trimester is over! It's been a bumpy few weeks though. Daph stopped sleeping well a few days after Thanksgiving and went from waking 1or 2 times a night to at least 6 times! It was never even that bad when she was a newborn. I think we are past the worst of it now, but she's still up 2 or 3 times each night. Brett and I have been camping out in the living room for the past week because we realized that she is hearing us come into the bedroom… Because she can HEAR now! We had another hearing screen at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and her hearing loss went from moderate to non-existent. Guess she just needed time for all of the fluid to work out of her ears. Nine months is a long time for gunk to accumulate in there!

What a boring post! Let's get to the fun stuff! Daphne loves her hands, and loves smiling!! It is so cute to get her up in the morning. She is usually smiling away in her crib and just beams when I lean over and say good morning. Some days she wakes up crying and isn't fully awake. I bring her in bed and feed her a little bit, then she gradually wakes up and realizes where she is and gets so happy. It is the sweetest feeling to have her react like that to seeing us. She actually likes us! Yay!

She also loves blowing raspberries and will usually do it if I start it. She's big and strong enough now to do the super baby thing and we all have fun with that. She's a much better eater now, maybe too good by the looks of those cheeks and thighs!

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