wonder week!

This kid has had a crazy week, she's learning so much everyday!

Daph has been babbling a lot lately, and just a few days ago we were loving this little fake laugh she was making. Sort of a pity laugh for her daddy and me when we try our best to make her smile. She has already kind of moved away from that sound, hopefully we caught a video of it. It's so hard to find a good balance between making photos and videos of her and just letting the moments occur and go by naturally. It just can't be natural to capture every moment digitally but I feel a little guilty if I miss something really cute. Oh well.

She has finally mastered rolling over, much to my relief. She had been doing it on and off for a couple months, but sometimes weeks would go by with no rolls. Now she'll easily roll to her tummy but gets a little frustrated after a few minutes there and hasn't quite figured out how to get back to her back, especially in bed. Today I think she is starting to get it. She started scratching whatever surface she's on with her little fingernails, just like cousin Owen!

Sitting up by herself is now on the list of accomplishments, too! That happened pretty fast. Just last week we were at story time and I was envying a seven month old sitting, thinking it would be a while until Daphne mastered that but I was wrong :) She is never content to just sit there though, always has to be grabbing for something or trying to pull forward and scoot. Gotta be fast with the camera.

One of my favorite changes is how she prefers to be held for her bottle. She likes to sit in my lap with her back to my chest and recline to eat. She helps hold the bottle with one hand and reaches up the other little hand to stroke my cheek (or grab my lip with her sharp nails!). So sweet.

This is definitely our favorite season yet with our little lady. I loved having a tiny newborn, but it was so overwhelming and unpredictable. This older, chubby, expressive and charming baby is a lot more fun!

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