Our little love bug

Happy Valentine's Day from our little love bug. I actually motivated myself to make a cute Valentine to send to all of Daphne's grandparents and cousins — designed, shot, printed, assembled and mailed in one day. Whew! That's the way to do it. I love feeling like I've accomplished something, and if it's something that makes someone else smile, all the better.

It's so much fun to have a baby Valentine. She is so sweet and still loves all my kisses and sappiness. Can't wait for next year when she can really hug back! Thinking back, I don't have that many truly memorable Valentine's Days, guess I don't attract sentimental men :) I do remember getting flowers at school from my dad, how sweet he was. Hoping Daphne and her daddy will always be each other's special Valentines.

Daddy dressed her - ruffles belong in the back!

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