If Mama Ain't Happy...

ain't nobody happy! Unfortunately, I think this is true in our house. Brett has been away this week and while I miss him terribly, it has been nice to focus on me a little. I've developed a great routine with the baby in the morning that gives me time to shower, get dressed and make myself breakfast before the nanny arrives and I get to work. I've had nannies here taking care of Daphne every day this week due to my blossoming workload and so I've had a few extra minutes for myself, whether it's been a run to Target or a run with the dog. Even a tiny thing like buying myself a tube of whitening toothpaste makes a difference. Gotta make time for mama!

I've also rejoined Sparkpeople (free!) to try to get off these extra pounds… I have used every excuse out there but the fact is, I think I have been slightly depressed since the move and have used sugar, alcohol, carbs, cashew butter, nutella, etc. to deal with it. I feel so good after a week of counting calories, eating mostly vegetables, quinoa, eggs and tuna and drinking tons of water. My mood has been amazing this week because of it. Poor Daphne is probably a tad sick of her stroller, yesterday she got two walks with the nanny and then I walked with her for 45 minutes, too. In the evenings, I've been reading a book while I pump and then going to bed early to keep reading or just get some extra sleep.

Daph and I even did a creative project together this week! More on that later, but some of the moms who read this blog may be getting a sample in the mail, hopefully before Sunday morning, hint hint :)

I'm excited to work Brett into my new routines. Sometimes you just have to hit the reset button, no?

We've got Pharrell Williams on repeat up in here.

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