Mother's Day

Mother's Day was even nicer than last year, although a cute 5 month baby bump does make a fabulous accessory. Brett and Daphne got me an heirloom bracelet with Daph's monogram, I love it. I had booked a photoshoot for early this morning so we started our day in a bit of a frenzy. I hardly gave the shoot a thought until I went to bed last night, realizing I really don't have many cute clothes that fit, let alone clothes that coordinate with my husband and child's adorable wardrobes. Yes, Brett's clothes are as adorable as a man's clothes can be, or maybe it's just the model? Anyway, it's funny how a year ago, I would have planned our outfits down to the last detail well in advance but this year, spur of the moment is how we do. Hoping the pics will be worth it, poor Daphne was a little cranky and didn't do much smiling for the camera, but I'm ok with that because that's what babies do. We did get some pretty cute selfies on the walk back to the car, of course she was happy to smile then! Did I mention I realized later that day that Daph's shirt was on backward? Oops. Mom brain.

I got to go grocery shopping alone while they both napped. Yes, GOT to go. I like taking Daphne on these outings to give her a change of scenery and expose her to new things, but, you know—shopping with a baby is not the simplest endeavor. In Atlanta, we were Whole Foods junkies, rounded out with a few staples from Publix and occasional trips to the huge farmers market (spices! prices!) and ate almost exclusively organic and local meats and produce. Here… not so much. Whole Foods is not convenient for us and to be honest, we need to cut back some expenses and extras and such. There are many other stores, but ick. Out of sheer convenience, we have been shopping at the Weis market down the street. It is clean and bright and almost eerily empty most of the time. A few weeks ago, I was flipping through the free local throwaway paper they insist on delivering and found free coupons for stuff from Weis. And not just random, I'd never buy that but hey it's free stuff, but healthy basics! Every week there are three free items and it has become a thrill to see what we get each time that Sun Plus alights the stoop. And they mailed insane coupons to the house last week for $30 off $100. Last week, $100 of groceries cost us $58 (including a whole organic chicken for $1.30) and today, I scored $106 worth for $68. I love meal planning and scouring the store for not only the best deals, but also the best choices. Today I found a ricotta cheese in the ethnic section of the dairy case that had only three natural ingredients and was also way cheaper than the national and store brands that were both full of additives and carcinogens. I know this is probably sooo boring for y'all, but I get off on this stuff! #momporn #wifeporn #budget #healthy #OCD. I've alerted Katie to the Weis coupons (This week there was a free pound of good quality bacon. Bacon! We may have stolen the neighbors' paper.) and I think we may edit Pizza Friday to a Chopped inspired cook off starring the three Weis coupon ingredients. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you need to watch more Food Network. I'll stop now. Back to Mother's Day.

Baby went on her first hike, I peed in the woods wearing her, and now we're waiting on Mad Men and then closing on the house tomorrow! Solid Mother's Day weekend. This holiday means so much to me, motherhood is amazing. And hard. And fun. And worth it.

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