Out and About

We love our family walks. Brett and I walked almost every day of my pregnancy (including some good long walks to try to induce labor!) and we now love to get out with Daphne. Lately, I've been spending the bulk of my time taking care of Daphne while Brett works, and some days I find myself counting the minutes to 5 o'clock when he normally shuts down for the day and we head outside. A few days ago we were getting ready to go out when we remembered the wagon sitting in the basement. I got it from one of my clients and we have been waiting to have a little person who likes to ride in it. And she did! Well, for the most part. She likes the fact that there are no restraints but that means she can tip over with any little bump in the road. It will probably be more fun in a year, but we couldn't resist the photo op :)

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