Seven Months!

This month Daphne loves mirrors, her toys, bedtime stories, playing on the kitchen floor with a wooden spoon, Gertie (Doggie!), playing on our bed, very brief snuggles, yogurt, avocado and especially the bath. She loves to be kissed, riding on my shoulders and a new game of hide and seek we play in her room. She doesn't like sitting still, getting dressed or being strapped in anywhere.

Brett and I agree she is delicious, we can't get enough of her skin, darling little head of hair and her funny little voice! Lots of babbling these days, sometimes she talks most of the day, and every now and then we get a good giggle.

This time next week we should be homeowners! I won't miss much about this rental except Daphne's room. It is a great little play space and having a thick carpet has been great these past few months as she has learned to sit up, crawl and stand. Designer confession: I've photoshopped the wall color in her monthly pics in this house! The walls are an ugly green.

We love you, kiddo!

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