Sunday we decided to push our luck with our happy, well-behaved-in-public baby and cram her into dark, tight spaces with too many other members of the general population: we visited the aquarium. Not just visited, but became members! And it was awesome, by far our best excursion yet. Daphne was a dream baby and had so much fun. It is amazing to see such a little child experience something new and get that it is special and different. She was her normal Daphne self and needed to get as up close and personal as possible with as many unsanitary surfaces as possible. Luckily we fully embrace the God Made Dirt So Dirt Don't Hurt / Don't Panic It's Organic philosophy of childrearing.

It was an easy decision to become members, the membership pays for itself in less than two visits and it is cool, dark, quiet and kind of meditative in there, despite everyone else's kids; someplace I could easily revisit often and maybe even feel like we were actually visiting someplace tropical… Maybe? Brett and I agreed it was only fueling our wanderlust and desire to show Daphne these places and species in the wild someday. But for now, we'll take validated parking, easy access to crab cake sandwiches and the ability to be home by nap time.

If you hadn't guessed by now, you better believe that if you visit us in Baltimore, you'll also be visiting the aquarium :) 

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