Life with baby

We have happened upon some sweet times, folks! Life with this baby is so so special. She wakes up with huge grins every morning and is non-stop girly fun all day. Lately, she's into waving at herself while curled up on my lap with a bottle, clapping and giving us a victorious touchdown pose when she's super excited. She still scoots around kickstand style, but now it's a three point gait with the extra hand either tucked behind her like a streamlined mini speed skater, or holding a toy, snack or fistful of Gertie hair. She loves standing at the dishwasher and grabbing for only the sharpest and most breakable objects. And anything and everything is a drum. We've watched as her hand to mouth movements have evolved from slow motion to super fast. The other day Brett freaked out thinking she had swallowed a rat or something equally gross but it was really just a fistful of cornsilk, because yum. She has become a fairly attentive little reader and will actually sit on my lap with a stack of books and pay attention as I read. She has even learned to turn the pages in the last few days much to my delight! I absolutely love seeing hints of real person combined with baby. We still love baby story time at the library and she is usually the loudest, most outspoken kid as well as the most mobile. We are preparing for life with squirmy chatterbox! Last week we had to drive 12 miles without Brett in the car and OMG, total meltdown. She lost it 3 minutes into the return trip and I swear I thought she was going to throw up from crying so hard. It was all I could do not to pull over on the side of the highway and pick her up, replace her bunny and grab the full but now half full bottle of milk that was stuck upside down, slowly trickling onto the seat, mocking me in the rearview mirror. But I figured getting home as soon as possible would be the better and safer option. It was weird though, to hear these sobs. She really sounded like a child, not a baby, sobbing and babbling and couldn't catch her breath.

Anyway, what a funny and sweet child we have.

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