Daphne Walks (Sort of)

Back when we lived in the townhouse at Loch Rave Village we bought Daphne a walker with a learning farm-themed interactive sound and touch panel on the front. "It's a barnyard singalong" crows the digital voice when fired up. One of the voices is strikingly regional: "Thanks for caawlihng" she says in a heavy Jersey accent when the phone receiver is returned. Weird.

It wasn't until we moved to Greenbrier Rd. that Daph had the skill (and space) to explore the other side of her toy. These clips were shot on July 7. It was a lot of fun to watch her learn. She fell (and crashed) a lot but didn't give up. She's still not walking on her own but that's probably because she believes her triple appendage slide is much faster.

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