Eleven months

This has been a very heavy week for me. Three huge emotional things have happened that on their own would each be hard to bear. But somehow together, they seem to have canceled each other out because I am strangely calm, productive and in general have it together. A mentor in business once mentioned that the more you do, the more you can do and I'm thinking that applies to the brain as well as just crossing tasks off a list.

Robin Williams' death (#1) was a blow to me as it dredged up feelings about my dad's death, since if I had to name the celebrity who would play dad in a movie, he would be the one. So seeing his face everywhere and hearing the torturous details of his passing was almost too much to take. I tried so hard to stay away from the news and the internets in general, but sitting in the waiting room during Brett's emergency surgery, (#2) it was on every t.v. That is until America's Got Talent came on, and where have I been? America does apparently have some talent!

Brett's accident could have been far, far worse and it has been surprisingly easy to have him home and care for him and Daphne while managing a full workload. Partly because I stopped pumping breastmilk (#3) pretty much cold turkey so I have at least an hour back in my day. I've heard that the end of breastfeeding can be emotionally/hormonally tough and I have had a few weepy moments when I get down since I didn't quite make it a full year, but it was just too much to work that into the harried few days immediately following the accident so I just made the decision and that was that. Now I am waiting for the inevitable shrinkage to ensue, haha. And... Daph woke up on Saturday with a mild case of hand, foot and mouth disease. I think that qualifies for #3 1/2. Also, I missed one of my BFF's weddings and the rare chance for the 5 of us to be together. Let's title that #4. Yep, heavy.

But really, it's all fine. I have my husband, his health for the most part, and the babe. No complaints, but one question: When did she grow up? Eleven months? I can't even. And as I mentioned in an email to my brother and sister-in-law, please lower your expectations for the first birthday party to Twinkies and the baby pool. Mmmkay?

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