Brett and I are both taking babysteps these days, his figurative and mine more literal. My babysteps are running while pregnant. I don't do it regularly but I feel so lucky that I'm still able to take a short run when I feel like it. Today I left for a walk with Gertie and we just started running! It is a very different experience to run in this condition. I'm much gentler with myself and taking it slow and easy has become my new normal. Just running at all feels like an accomplishment, instead of feeling like it's not even worth going unless I can get in five miles or more. And I'm learning to ditch the iPod which is a miracle. Normally I run in part to get away from the chatter in my head but these days my mind is full of happy thoughts that don't need masking.

Brett is slowly getting more comfortable with the idea of becoming a daddy. He has been reading a new dad book that we think was authored by a caveman or a gorilla. It's full of helpful advice like never admitting that your pregnant wife is fat. Thanks. It's worth a laugh. He's also been paying more attention to little kids and babies he sees and his stories about them are charming. I got this pic today from Barcelona, so cute!

Can't wait to see him with our baby!

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