Settling in

The crib is here and things are starting to get more real! This whole experience is going by much too quickly for me, already in the third trimester. We set up the baby's crib this weekend and it nestles right into our room like I'd hoped. It's bigger than I expected though! I'm amazed that a tiny baby needs a four and a half long foot bed, I could practically sleep in it. The Jenny Lind model we picked is darling, I am loving the vintagey feel of it and the spare, minimal design feels light enough not to overtake its space. Good decision number one! Parenthood is so easy!

Daddy Brett being all handy.

Family portrait
I swear I helped a little!
 Tonight we are waiting for baby's cousin to arrive! We can't wait to meet you, Baby Norton!

Gertie's a fan of the crib.

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